Center for Proteins in Memory (PROMEMO) at the Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience (DANDRITE), Aarhus University, wants to fill a vacant position as postdoc in the Nykjaer Group.

Project “High resolution imaging of active synapses”

The applicant will perform imaging of active synapses in transgenic mice and primary neuronal cells. Methods employed will include confocal and two-photon imaging of tissues and cells from transgenic mice, adenoviral mediated gene transfer, primary neuronal culture, and mouse behaviour.

Deadline: Wednesday April 24 2019

Qualifications and Specific Competences

Successful candidate is expected to have:

  • A Doctoral Degree in neuroscience or related subjects
  • An excellent scientific track-record and strong skills in English
  • Extensive experience with confocal imaging and data processing preferentially also with two-photon microscopy, of brain specimens
  • Solid experience with primary neuronal cultures
  • Experience with viral mediated gene transfer

The successful candidate must be highly motivated and independent, able to manage the project, conduct firm, kind and thorough supervision, and be a good team player.