Moving the brain fluids: Glymphatic system and beyond

Eiko Ojala

The meeting will host international experts in CSF formation, intracranial pressure measurements, fluid dynamics, and glymphatic function. The goal of the meeting is in depth discussions on where the field is and where it should be moved.

The meeting will take place in the Maersk Tower (directions), Copenhagen on the 5-6th of March.


Program Monday, March 5

08:00     Coffee and registration

08:25 Introduction Maiken Nedergaard, Professor, University of Copenhagen

08:30 Historical perspectives on the studies of fluid flow in CNS Alexei Verkhratsky, Professor, University of Manchester

Cerebrospinal fluid production, transport, and intracranial pressure. Session Chair, Alex Verkhratsky

09:10 Hormonal balancing of CSF formation by choroid plexus: Implications for ICP Conrad Johanson, Professor Emeritus, Brown University

09:50     Break

10:20 Intracranial pressure Marianne Juhler, Professor, University of Copenhagen
11:00 New experimental approaches to understand CSF production Marijan Klarica, Professor, University of Zagreb
11:40 CSF production – we know so much and yet understand so little; cotransport of water as a contributing mechanism Nanna MacAulay, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

12:20     Lunch and short presentations

Convection vs diffusion - theoretical considerations. Session Chair, Doug Kelley

13:50 Flow of cerebrospinal fluid is driven by arterial pulsations and is reduced in hypertension Doug Kelly, Assistant Professor, University of Rochester
14:30 Fluid dynamics of the glymphatic system John H. Thomas, Professor, University of Rochester

15:10     Break

15:40 Diffusion in CNS Charles Nicholson, Professor, NYU
16:20 Aqp4 and Alzheimer Disease Ming Xiao, Professor, Nanjing University


Program Tuesday, March 6

08:00     Coffee and registration

The Glymphatic System. Session Chair, Jeff Iliff

08:30 State-dependent aspects of the glymphatic system Jeff Iliff, Assistant Professor, University of Portland
09:10 Glymphatic transport visualized by MRI Helene Benveniste, Professor, Yale University

09:50     Break

10:20 Role of AQP4 channels in glymphatic flow Mark Lythgoe, Professor, University College of London

Novel approaches for studying the glymphatic system. Session Chair, Iben Lundgaard

11:00 Contrast-enhanced MRI analysis of the glymphatic system Per Eide, Professor, University of Oslo
11:40 Novel approaches to interstitial fluid efflux using uDISCO Ali Erturk, Assistant Professor, University of Munich

12:20 Lunch and short presentations

The Brain Prize. Session Chair, Kim Krogsgaard

14:00 Announcement of The Brain Prize 2018

Welcome and announcement of the Prize Kim Krogsgaard, Director of The Brain Prize, the Lundbeck Foundation
The reasons for the Prize award Anders Björklund, Chairman of the Selection Committee for The Brain Prize
The Brain Prize 2018 impact and perspectives – Speaker NN

15:00 Reception in the Maersk Tower, 15th floor. Hosted by the Lundbeck Foundation


All seats taken. The meeting is sponsored by Lundbeckfonden and University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.