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Master in Neuroscience starts 2020 #DanishNeuro accepts up to 30 students.

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Transmembrane voltage measurements are of primary importance in understanding neuronal function. @Stanford’s Michael Lin discusses the development and use of genetically encoded voltage indicators in #neuroscience in an audio recording on Neuronline:

“Troubleshooting is much more efficient when done in a group rather than alone,” says Katrin Franke of @uni_tue.

Overcome challenges in your research with advice on #collaboration:

Are you a #MSc or #PhD student from a #NENS school?

Did you know the #EchangeGrants could allow you to learn a new methodology in another NENS member school and a different European country?

👉See here:
❗️Application deadline: 15 October 2019

Vilelmini Kalampratsidou of @RutgersU enjoys being part of the diverse neuroscience community at #SfN19. Renew your membership to join your colleagues in Chicago at the best registration rates. Register to attend today!

#Preterm births are associated with an increased risk for neurodevelopmental defects that may contribute to future psychiatric disorders. An #eNeuro blog Reader's Pick discusses research showing interneuron defects in a mouse model of premature birth. #AnimalResearch

Get up to speed on #EstimationStatistics with @TheNewStats on Neuronline Then join the discussion on the #eNeuro Blog about using estimation statistics and statistical analyses.

Scientists start building a parts list for the brain

iPSCs and organoids enable large-scale in vitro screening of compounds to identify potential therapeutics for diseases like #ALS & #MS. Join Justin Ichida of @USC & Paul Tesar of @CWRUSOM at the #SfNvirtual conference Sept 27 to learn more:

"In recent years, many institutions have begun to support student groups focused on educational outreach in the community,” says Meredith Schmehl of @DukeU.

Start and lead a #StudentGroup at your institution using tips from Neuronline:

Remember, the deadline for applications to the #FENS #internship position is approaching!
👉 More info:
👉 Position based in our offices in #Brussels,
👉 Starting date 1st October 2019
❗️Application deadline 26 August 2019.

Please share in your networks.

We look forward to welcoming you next year for the 12th edition of the #FENS Forum in "one of the friendliest cities in the world": Glasgow!

#FENS2020 : 11-15 July 2020, Glasgow, UK

Share your SfN Chapter success story and win $1,000 for your Chapter activities. We’re looking for outstanding #neuroscience outreach, innovative programming, and cutting edge communication for the Chapter of the Year Award by Sept. 5:

Check out the top 10 videos from #BAVC19 and vote for your favorite for the People's Choice award by liking it on the @Brain_Facts_org YouTube channel by the end of the month!

Start on demand training in Stem Cells and Reprogramming Methods for Neuroscience from experts including @valelosardo, @MartinUCSF, @zppang, and @minibrainLab! Get up to speed on all aspects of the field before the #SfNvirtual conference in September:

Early in her life, Tomomi Shimogori of @RIKEN_CBS faced the challenge of learning multiple languages fluently. Listen to her #SfN18 Meet-the-Expert session on Neuronline to find out how this influenced her research career:

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