DSfN Annual meeting 2017

The Annual DSfN meeting 2017, May 8 – 9

Neurodegenerative diseases


Symposium organizers

Poul Henning Jensen, University of Aarhus

Nicolas Caesar Petersen, University of Copenhagen

Karina Fog, Lundbeck A/S

Niels Plath, Lundbeck A/S



Hotel Hesselet, Christianslundsvej 119, 5800 Nyborg, Denmark

Phone  +45 65313029






Registration and payment

Limited spaces please register as soon as possible (registration is closed)

Members of DSfN: DKK 1500

Student members: DKK 1200 

Non-members: DKK 2000


Programme below (or download as pdf)

Monday May 8th

09.00 – Arrival, coffee and registration

10.00 – Welcome – Poul Henning Jensen

Session 1: Alzheimer’s disease
Chair: Poul Henning Jensen

10.10-10.55 – Introductory lecture: Fred van Leuven, KU Leuven

Alzheimer’s disease: paradigm of pre-clinical success & clinical failure!

11.00-11.30 – Bernard Jeune, SDU, Denmark.

Challenges of living a long life. Age-trajectories of cognitive impairments and disability. Are we adding bad or good years?

11.35-12.05 – Gunnar Gouras, Lund University, Sweden.

Beta-amyloid and synapse dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease.

12.10-13.00 – Lunch

Chair: Karina Fog

13.00-13.30 – Kasper Planeta Kepp, Technical University of Denmark, DK.

From Proteins to Patients: Molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s Disease from Chemical-Clinical Correlators

13.35-14.05 – Maiken Nedergaard, KU.

Glymphatic system and Alzheimer’s disease 

Session 2: Tauopathies
Chair: Lone Helboe

14.10-14.40 – Kristine Freude, University of Copenhagen

Cellular phenotypes of AD iPSC derived neurons

14.40 – 15.10 – Christiane Volbracht, Lundbeck A/S.

Tau in physiology and pathology: Seeding of tau pathology in primary neurons

15.10-15.30 Refreshments

Session 3: Synucleinopathies –
Gathering of national synuclein investigators, organized in collaboration with Parkinsonforeningen

15.30-15.35 Introduction  by prof. Jens Zimmer on behalf of Parkinsonforeningen

Structure and in vitro aggregation studies
Chair: Jens Zimmer Rasmussen

15.35-15.55  Daniel E. Otzen iNANO, AU

Amyloid inhibitors in plants: chance or design?

16.00-16.20 Thomas J.D. Jørgensen, SDU

Probing the structures of native and pathological α-synuclein species by hydrogen/deuterium exchange monitored by mass spectrometry

Neuroinflammation, tissue spreading and -synuclein
Chair: Jens Zimmer Rasmussen

16.25-16.45 Marina Romero-Ramos, AU;

Immune system, an active player in Parkinson’s disease.

16.50-17.10 Pekka Kalunki & PH Jensen, Lundbeck A/S & Dandrite

Mouse models of prion-like synuclein pathology

17.20-18.30 Posters

19.00 Conference Dinner

Tuesday May 9th

7.30 – Breakfast

8.30-9.15 Introductory lecture: Mathias Jucker

The prion-like concept in neurodegenerative diseases

Chair: Poul Henning Jensen

Regulation of α-synuclein levels
Chair: Poul Henning Jensen

9.25-9.40      Jørgen Kjems, iNANO, AU

Regulering af α-synuclein ekspression ved viral overførsel af non-coding RNA til en in-vivo Parkinson model.

9.45-10.00    Rikke Hahn Kofoed, Dandrite, AU,

PLK-2 regulates α-synuclein phosphorylation and mRNA expression

10.05-10.15 Morten S. Nielsen, Inst. f. Biomed. Vest, AU

Receptor mediated endocytosis of alpha-synuclein and transport across the blood brain barrier


10.15-10.30  Refreshments

Toxicity and cellular handling of α-synuclein  species
Chair: Jens Zimmer Rasmussen

10.30-10.50  Patrick Ejlerskov, KU & Cambridge Univ.

Involvement of Interferon-beta signaling pathway in Parkinson’s disease

10.55-11.15  Frederik Vilhardt, KU

Stress kinases in the control of alpha-synuclein secretion from synucleinopathic neurons

11.20-11.40  Poul Henning Jensen, AU

Early decisive Calcium changes in Parkinsons disease.

11.45-12.00  Morten Meyer, Neurobiol Forsk, SDU

Alpha-synuclein in dopaminergic neurons derived from isogenic induced pluripotent stem cells with and without PARK2 mutation.

12.00-13.00 Lunch

Chair: Karina Fog

13.00-13.10  Nicola Pavese, CFIN, AUH

Neuroinflammation in the prodromal phase of Parkinson’s disease

13.15-13.35  Per Borghammer, Dep. of Nuclear Medicine & PET Center, AUH

In vivo Braak staging of Parkinson’s disease using PET and MRI

13.40-14.00  Tomasz Brudek, Forsk. lab. f. Stereol. og Neurovid., Bispebjerg Hosp.

Alpha-synuclein autoantibodies and clinical correlations

Therapeutic strategies  

Chair: Nicolas Caesar Petersen

14.05-14.25  Karina Fog, Lundbeck A/S

Alpha-synuclein antibodies as therapeutics in synucleinopathies – Focus on mechanism of action

14.30-14.50  Malene Ambjørn/Ann-Louise Bergström, Lundbeck A/S

Establishment of a model system to screen for deubiquitinases affecting alpha-synuclein aggregering 

14.55 Concluding remarks by Karina Fog

15.00-15.30  Refreshments and farewell