Nordic Neuroscience 2017

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Poster Nordic Neuroscience 2017

Plenary lectures:

Eleanor Maguire – University College London
Ole Kiehn – Karolinska Institute
Rui Costa – Champalimaud
Botond Roska – Friedrich Miescher Institute Erin Schuman – Max Planck Institute


Interneurons: Development, Subtypes and Networking

Juha Partanen - University of Helsinki, Jens-Hjerling Leffler – Karolinska Institute, Marco Capogna – Aarhus University Chair: Esa Korpi

Modulation and Plasticity of Synaptic Transmission

Eric Hanse – University of Gothenburg, Bryndis Birnir – Uppsala University, Tomi Taira – University of Helsinki
Chair: Mai-Marie Holm

Synaptopathy – Understanding the Synapse in the Healthy and Unhealthy Brain
Jon Storm-Mathisen – University of Oslo, Maria Lindskog – Karolinska Institute, Eero Castren – University of Helsinki
Chair: Maria Lindskog

Advanced Methods for Cognitive Neuroimaging
Christian Doeller – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, India Morrison – Linköping University
Chair: Menno Witter

Genes and Pathways for Creativity and Music?
Irma Järvelä – University of Helsinki, Fredrik Ullen – Karolinska Institute, Kari Stefansson – University of Iceland Chair: Irma Järvelä

Function and Dysfunction of Layer II Neurons in the Entorhinal Cortex within the Context of Alzheimer’s Disease
David Rowland – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Asgeir Kobro Flatmoen – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Gunnar Gouras – Lund University
Chair: Heikki Tanila

From Sensation to Action in Cortex
Koen Vervaeke – University of Oslo, Gilad Silberberg – Karolinska Institute, Jonathan Whitlock – Norwegian University of Science and Technology Chair: Jonathan Whitlock

Exploring an Uncharted Territory of the Brain: The Function of Habenula and its Role to Animal Behavior
Konstantinos Meletis – Karolinska Insitute, Mattis Wigestrand – University of Oslo, Emre Yaksi – Norwegian University of Science and Technology Chair: Marianne Fyhn

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